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Treatment plan

A step-by-step guide

Step 1 : Contact us

Please contact us by using our contact form provided on this website. If the patient has scans or images available, please do nt hesitatie to send them to us directly by mail on Our medical secretary will open a new medical file for the patient in our clinic.

Step 2 : Consultation 

Our medical secretary will contact the patient to organise a personal consultation with prof. dr. Mommaerts. If the patient has no opportunity to attend a consultation in our clinic, an online consultation can be provided. 

Dr. Mommaerts will advise the patient on a potential treatment plan and will provide a quotation concerning surgery and implants

Please note that a deposit of 150,- EUR is mandatory to guarantee the patient's consultation with dr. Mommaerts. Please read our general terms & conditions for further information. 

Step 3: Pre-design

After the consultation, the patient will be requested to provide us with a recent scan. Our medical engineers will develop a pre-design, specific to the patients wishes and/or needs. 

We will contact the patient once this pre-design is completed. 

Step 4: Financial contract & informed consent

Once the pre-design has been approved by the surgeon and patient, a final quotation for the implant & surgery will be send to the patient. 

Please note that this quotation does not include transportation to and from the hospital. If the patient agrees we ask to sign the informed consent document that is included with the financial contract.  If after reading the information page, financial contract and informed consent the patient is left with some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Step 5: Surgery

When all the necessary documents & pré-surgery examinations are completed, a medical team will review the patient's entire case.

Once the surgeon has reviewed the final result of the implant and the medical condition of his patient, he can proceed with the surgery. 

Our medical secretary will contact the patient to find a potential date for the surgery. Please note that the date of the surgery can not be changed after the patient has received the final confirmation. 

Depending on the type of implant and surgery the patient will have to arrive beforehand. Under normal conditions the patient will have to arrive one day before the surgery. 

Before the surgery the patient will have a final consultation with dr. Mommaerts.

Our medical secretary will guide the patient with the necessary logistics.

Depending on the type of surgery and potential complications, the patient will be allowed to leave the hospital after final check by dr. Mommaerts. 

Step 6 : Aftercare

Depending the type of surgery and potential complications, the patient will be allowed to leave the hospital one day after the surgery. We highly advise to remain in Belgium for 5 days to guarantee post-surgery complications will be taken care of swiftly. 

Dr. Mommaerts & his medical team will remain at the patient's service for any questions or complications they might have.

Our medical secretary will check up on the patient regulary to make sure all is well. 

We will send the patient practice examples on how to train with their recently placed implant to regain firm control. 

We advice a face-to-face or online post-surgery  interview with dr. Mommaerts one month, three months and one year after the surgery to see if all is mending well and you are regaining full use of the implant. 

Please note that this is a general treatment plan. After consultation, the patient will be provided with a patient specific treatment plan which will contain all pre-surgery, surgery and aftercare information to their specific medical condition and type of implant. 

In case of questions concerning the patient's treatment plan, please contact our medical secretary directly. 

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